Seven Ways To Protect Your Scooter (And save money)

Seven Ways To Protect Your Scooter (And save money)

One of the other concerns some scooter owners face is dealing with how to protect their scooter. The way you keep your ride safe can also affect your scooter insurance cost. Not only do you need to be concerned about the risk of theft, but you also need to be concerned about its exposure to the elements. For this reason, we have put together a list of items that can help make sure you scooter is fully protected:

1. Electronic Alarms.

These work just car alarms and can be had for under $200. This work greater for alerting you to a possible theft and create one more hardship for a would-be thief to overcome.

2. Scooter cable lock.

These range in size from 4 to 6 ft in length and help allow you to lock up your scooter. They come in different structures, but the most common are steel cable or chain of steel alloy links.

These prices tend to run about $80 with the smaller length chains running about $10 cheaper. Also, you can find these locks in the form of padlocks or key locks. Again, the aim here is to create another physical barrier to theft.

3. Helmet locks.

These allow you to keep your helmet safe and allow you to hide other important items in you covered storage. These goes towards the out of sight is out of mind mentality and is good for preventing the risk of petty theft. The helmet locks can be had for $22.

4. Floormat.

These run about $40 to $80 and allow you to keep your scooter looking great by letting the floormat take the beating.

5. Scooter cover.

These are great for providing protection against the elements. They will combat the exposure of UV rays and heavy rains. Your scooter will be guarded against the bad impact of condensation corrosion, and oxidation. The prices vary for these depending on the material and extra features with a price range of $45 to $150.

6. Hide Your Scooter.

One thing you can do to help protect your scooter is to actually put it in hard to reach places. Place it in your garage behind the car or under a heavy tarp. While at work, wedge it in such a way that it will be hard for someone to drive up to and grab it. The bottom line is the more obstacles you create will make it less appealing for would-be thieves.

7. Hidden Disable Switch.

These can be installed to give further protection as a thief may get frustrated if they are unaware of the exact location or how these work. Even if the thief breaks the steering column and ignition switch, these prevent the scooter from starting. Plus, they are relatively easy to install and inexpensive as most models run under $100.

Armed with these tips and devices, you are sure to greatly reduce the risk of theft to your scooter and keep it in the best shape possible. Little measures to protect your scooter early will add up as your scooter advances in age so there is no reason not to consider the ones listed above.

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