Best Ways To Protect You While Driving

Best Ways To Protect You While Driving

Scooter driving is some of the safest driving in the all the world. When compared with car drivers, scooter drivers have far fewer accidents. However, with this said, it pays to know of ways you can protect yourself better as scooter driver. Here, are a few items that can help make your ride much safer:

1. Scooter Windshield.

You can get specially designed ones that are better at providing additional wind and bug protection than the standard model your scooter comes with. These windshields can be found for around $200 and allow you to more easily concentrate on the road.

2. Driving Gloves.

These come in all varieties. However, one very common type is deerskin with a liner of cotton or some other insulator. These generally run about $25 and are great for providing you added warmth on cold nights without sacrificing much finger dexterity. There are also gloves made for summer driving. These are lightweight gloves that can include vents and even be fingerless. They tend to be slightly cheaper running about $14 to $24 but allow you the benefits of an improved grip even in the summer.

3. Scooter Goggles & Sunglasses.

An alternative to buying an upgraded windshield would be to purchase some scooter goggles and sunglasses. They come in a number of shapes and varieties. Some of the old school goggles can be found for about $100 and there are also more modern bubble shaped ones that can be had for as little as $15.

Plus, there are even goggles designed to go over glasses. These can be had for about $30. All and all, the goggles are good at providing wind and bug protection. Sunglasses, on the other hand, tend to take on a look similar to Oakley sunglasses -cool looking scooters and sunglasses that have a look similar to Oakley sunglasses can be had for $50 to $100 depending on the quality of the lens.

4. Scooter Jacket.

There are all types of varieties. However, the aviator style is probably the most popular and these can vary in price from $150 to $300. Ideally, you are looking for ones that work well in all weather and provide additional padding in case of an accident.

5. Safety vests.

These are basic safety vests that have reflective covers on them. They are great for allowing you to stand out more especially at night. This added visibility means distracted motorists have a greater chance of seeing you and reducing the risk of accidents. These types of vests can be had for $40.

6. Two-Piece Rain Suit.

These work similar to a scooter jacket although they provide protection for the entire body. They run about $70 and provide added support for falls and rain protection.

7. Foot Pegs.

These gems provide more comfort for your partner and you while you drive. They give your partner some a place to rest her feet while giving you full control of the floorboard. These means less of chance for you to get feet entangled and can be had for $40.

8. Scooter Rear Crash bars.

These additional railings give additional protection in the case of crash. They cost about $130 and provide your partner with a little more safety while driving.

9. Scooter Footwear.

These tend to be rugged motorcycle boots. They provide protection to your feet in case of an accident or fall. They can run about $90 and tend to be very durable.

10. Scooter Helmets.

These naturally are designed to protect your coconut in the event of a crash. They are a number of different designs including full face helmets that are popular with motorcyclists, half or shorty helmets that look similar to the shape of WW2 soldier helmets, or mere face guards that are really suited more for wind and bug protection only.

The prices of these vary as the full face helmets caused around $200, the half or shorty helmets run about $100 and the face guards can be had for as little as $30. We recommend you go with a full face or half helmet as these provide some collision protection.

11. Safety Flag.

These work much like the safety vests as they allow your scooter to stand out more to other motorists. They are also reasonably priced at $25.

All of these additional features can provide you with more support and safety for you while riding your scooter. The end result should be a reduced risk of accidents increasing the longevity of your scooter and your personal safety.

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