How Scooters Help The Environment

How Scooters Help The Environment

During the past ten years, the United Kingdom has vigorously made progress towards lowering the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

One of the many contributors to this end is the emerging and growing use of scooters. Not least because, not only are scooters cheaper to purchase, but scooter insurance is naturally cheaper than car insurance. Other contributing factors to the growing use of scooters other than the lower price of scooter insurance include; electric scooters are easier to ride/drive than they used to be, given advances in power steering.

Again given such advances, batteries are now charging quicker and using less energy and thus helping the environment. Scooters are also more comfortable than they used to be, given the blanket use of regular pneumatic tyres versus the older solid rubber ones.

Lower and reduced emissions compared to motor vehicles, is also a key factor in how scooters help the environment. With most of us having every reason to be concerned over excessive carbon emissions being let into our atmosphere, again scooters provide a fantastic green alternative form of transport. As a direct result, the use of scooters leaves less of a carbon footprint when compared to traditional combustion engined vehicles.

The carbon footprint left by scooters is much smaller than is the case with cars. Less noise pollution is another factor, compared to the noise most boy racers make on a quiet night!

Whilst there are many forms of pollution, noise pollution is a significant one. The noise pollution generated by motor vehicles and lorries into our communities cannot be underestimated. Such pollution is significant, due to the traditional gasoline and diesel combustion engines as previously mentioned.

By contrast, electric scooters are naturally quiet and produce significantly less noise pollution. Electric scooters are virtually noise free. If you want to make a contribution to your community and the environment at large, purchase and drive a scooter and tell your friends and family to do the same.

Scooters are also significantly less oil dependent than motor vehicles, which not only helps the environment but your pocket too – particular for older models which inherently need more oil. Dependency on oil is also of great significance. Particularly as we become more dependent on foreign oil imports.

Such dependency only goes to show the growing need for an alternative. Of course, the largest drain on the world’s oil supply is the automobile and the mass of fleet trucks delivering our everyday needs.

Naturally, all these factors greatly contribute to the rise in popularity of the electric scooter. In comparison to the drain that cars put our oil supplies the impact of scooter usage on oil reserves is insignificant.

The use of less fuel compared to a motor vehicle is another major factor towards how scooters help the environment. Again, while electric scooters are idling at traffic lights and stop signs, unlike their four-wheeled counterparts, are not oozing more exhaust fumes into the atmosphere, operate cleanly and are emission free.

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