Schwinn Stealth 1000 E-Scooter review

Schwinn Stealth 1000 E-Scooter review

Schwinn Stealth 1000w is a great electric scooter for an adult.

Manufacturer: Currie Tech

Model: Stealth 1000

Year: 2006

The Schwinn Stealth 1000 carries 3 12V batteries and a 1000W electric motor.

First Look

Schwinn Stealth 1000 E-Scooter
Our ST-1000 arrived without any damage and requiring some assembly. This particular unit required attachment of the front wheel, the handlebar post, and the seat and seat post (if desired) to the main body of the scooter. Inspection of the ST-1000 yielded the following.

The handlebars are attached sturdily to the frame. A quick-release leaver allows them to fold down at an angle, presumably to allow the front wheel to be turned sideways for compact storage. The handlebar height is not adjustable.

Three battery status bars, each representing 1/3 of the battery reservoir, are located on the handlebars. On/off switch and charge port are found on the post that connects the handlebars to the deck.

Front Fork

  • The ST-1000 has front V-brakes and rear disc breaks.
  • Speed is controlled using a twist-grip throttle.
  • Dual front and rear shocks are found on the ST-1000. The rear shocks are adjustable.


The carbon-fiber deck is fairly wide, and opens without tools to reveal the battery pack; the steel frame is reinforced by additional steel bars. The included seat has an adjustable seat post. Front and rear reflectors are present.

Extended testing

A month of riding gave us a feel for the Stealth 1000. Here is what we thought sets this scooter apart.

What we liked

  • Rear Shock -The shock absorbers make the Stealth 1000 a pleasure to ride. Whether on grass or on sidewalks, the dual shocks do an excellent job of removing the jitter and bumps. With its high deck height, we were able to ride this scooter down a standard curb without thinking twice.
  • The front V brakes and rear disk breaks provide excess braking power -we could bring this scooter toa stop on a dime. The Rear Disc Brakeleft brake, opposite the throttle on the right, is attached to the front V brake and when operated stops the motor for safety.
  • A battery saving auto-off feature turns the scooter off when when it has has not been used for an extended period of time.
  • Another battery saving feature prevents the battery from being completely drained by shutting the scooter off before the battery is completely discharged.
  • Control – We liked the power indicator on the Stealth 1000. As per the manual, each of the three lights did seem to indicate1/3 of the battery reserve, giving us a decent idea of howmuch battery power we hadremaining.
  • The Stealth 1000 is built like a tank. With its reinforced steel construction, we do not think that we could break it even if we tried.

What we did not like

  • The Stealth 1000 feels unstable when ridden standing up. This is likely from a combination of its short deck length, low unadjustable handlebar, and high deck height. This is not an issue when sitting.
  • The twist throttle of the Stealth 1000 has a noticeable delay, such that there is a fraction of a second between twisting the throttle and the response of the motor. As a result, it is a little difficult to start out at and maintain slower speeds.
  • The brake configuration has the more powerful rear brake lever on the same side as the throttle, making it a little less accessible.
  • When coasting down a hill, if we came off the throttle and the hill was steep enough to keep the scooter’s speed from falling, after a few seconds the power indicator LEDs would begin flashing and the throttle would not work.
  • Flipping the power switch off and on while rolling still left us with blinking lights and no power. We had to bring the scooter to a complete stop, and then flip the power switch off and on to get the scooter to function properly.
  • Keeping the throttle engaged prevents this problem.
  • The Stealth 1000 is a heavy scooter at 75 lbs, and its shape does not allow it to fold as compact as other scooters.

Road Test Results

Top Speed:

18.3 mph **

75ft Sprint:

5.6 seconds

150ft Sprint:

8.6 seconds

Max Distance Track:

7.6 miles (26 min 7 sec) **

Max Distance Hilly Course:

7.0 miles (25min 24sec)

150ft Downhill Coast:

14.3 seconds

150ft Hill Climb:

10.9 seconds

150ft Grass:

10.3 seconds

Top Speed: Test was completed in near-freezing temperatures. We are unsure as to what degree this affected battery output, and as a result, the outcome of this test. Top speed achieved was 18.3 mph.

75ft Sprint: 5.6 seconds to complete 75ft with steady acceleration from a standing start.

150ft Sprint: 8.6 seconds to 150ft.

Maximum Range On Track: Test was completed in near-freezing temperatures. We are unsure as to what degree this affected battery output, and as a result, the outcome of this test. The Stealth 1000 maintained its speed throughout the test; speed was cut abruptly by battery protection mechanism, bringing the scooter to a stop before the battery reservoir was drained. It completed 7.6 miles in just over 26 minutes.

Maximum Range Hilly Course: The scooter completed 7.0 miles on our hilly course in just under 25 and a half minutes. It rode powerfully right until the very end when the battery protection mechanism kicked in to kill the motor.

150ft Hill Climb: 10.9 seconds to complete the hill climb.

150ft Downhill Coast: Not a true freewheeler, it took 14.3 seconds to coast down the 150ft hill.

150ft Grass: With its front and rear shocks, the Stealth 1000 rode smoothly over the uneven grass surface. On the timed attempts, even acceleration allowed it to reach top speed without spinning out the rear tire. Best time was 10.3 seconds.

Manufacturer’s Specifications


15 mph (24 kph) (rider weight and terrain contingent)


12 miles (19 km) (rider weight and terrain contingent)


High Torque 1000 Watt, 36 volts, D.C. Neodymium Magnet. The finned
motor casing provides better heat dissipation, semi sealed, dust and dirt


36Volt/25Amp Pulse-Width Modulated Microprocessor with new
self-diagnosis mode


Full Size. Durable all steel computer welded frame.

Carrying Capacity

260 lbs


Wide, 9”, extra thick ABS material resists cracking, won’t dent, rust
or rattle

Front Suspension

Dual shocks

Rear Suspension

Swing arm suspension with dual action mono shock. The rear suspension
can be easily adjusted for rider weight or terrain.

Control Panel

features a battery power indicator, power switch and charger port.

Drive System

All-weather direct drive. Gear Reduction System. No more Chains!


Variable speed twist grip with built-in led power monitor.


Three 12 Volt, 10 Amp sealed lead acid batteries in an easy to remove
“Plug + Play” battery pack.

Expected Battery Life

400+ recharge cycles. If you use only half of the available charge,
you can get up to 700-800 cycles. Battery life is dependent on how often you
use it and how deeply you discharge it.


1.5 amp smart charger, 110V AC input, self-regulated. Led light
indicate charge level. UL Approved.

Charge Time

4-6 hours

Battery Box

Steel, Easy Access cover.

Rear Brake

Vented disc. Easy adjust

Front Brake



12″ x 3″ wide, light electric vehicle rated.


Impressively designed Six spoke, 12″ cast aluminium alloy “Mag”




44″ at handlebars.

Folded Height

24″ (seat removed)




6-month manufacturer’ warranty

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