Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

The Razor Pocket Mod isn’t one of the more traditional looking electric scooters for kids. On first appearance, it does not look like an electric scooter at all, but more like a gas model. The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature is actually modelled on the vintage looking Vespa scooter that is found in abundance over in numerous European cities. It has all of the authentic features of the Vespa but in a miniature electrically powered version.

The Razor Pocket Mod delivers high-performance thanks to its 250-watt motor. Capable of speeds of up to 15 miles an hour (dependent on rider’s weight and terrain) and can travel around the neighbourhood for a range of about 10 miles.

The Razor Pocket Mod is fitted with a padded seat for extra comfort which also has a storage compartment underneath which is very handy. When the scooter is not in use you will find a kickstand for convenient storage. The 2 wheels have 12-inch pneumatic tires and to ensure a smooth ride is experienced, the rear suspension is also standard. The Razor Pocket Mod has a hand grip throttle which includes variable speed acceleration and a brake system that is operated by hand.

The Razor Pocket Mod is suitable for children of ages over 12 and with a weight of no more than 170 pounds. This electric scooter is also available in a variety of different designs/styles and colours for your children to choose from.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter Features:

  • Reliable 250 watt electric motor
  • A range of up to 10 miles per charge
  • Capable of reaching speeds of 15 mph
  • A miniature version of the classic vintage Vespa Scooter
  • 12-inch pneumatic tires
  • Handy kickstand – Retractable
  • Extra storage available under the seat
  • Suitable for children aged 12+
  • Riders weight limit is 170 lbs

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Scooter Reviews

The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter is very popular and when we were carrying out our research we found a very large number of reviews, over 300 in fact and 250 of these reviewers gave it top marks -5 out of 5 stars and another 65 gave 4 stars.

Some of the comments left by reviewers are below

“I purchased the Razor Pocket Mod for my 10-year-old, and he’s out on it every day. The charge lasts a good 45 mins and tackles all types of terrain whether it is grass, dirt or even uphill. One of the best Xmas presents we have bought, very happy”

“Bought this for my son (only 8 years old) and he loves it and has no problem riding even though razor recommends it for kids 12 and over. His older brother is always asking to ride it so I think we will have to purchase another just for him. Has plenty of power and the charges lasts well. Assembly is minimum and easy- even for me. Highly recommended”

This is just a couple of the many reviews left for the Razor Pocket Mod and the majority of the others also reflect these views as well.

On the negative side, some people did have an issue with the battery. Most of the comments about this problem were that the battery would not hold its charge properly and you can get a replacement from Razor if necessary. Most of the reviewers had no problems with the battery and this only reflects a small number of people.

The great thing about an electric scooter for kids is they get the children out of the house for a change and offer some independence. They can use the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature to cruise around the local area, pop over to friend’s houses and even ride them to school. Based on the overwhelming number of positive reviews we have no problem recommending this electric scooter.

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