Best scooters for kids

Best scooters for kids

What types of Scooters are there for kids?

Standard Kick Scooters

These are the scooters that most of us are used to, with two wheels, one up front and one on the back, a deck and handlebars these are perfect for children of all ages due the wide range of sizes available. These are perfect for scooting around the backyard, to school and some of the bigger models for slightly older children can be used at the skate park for doing basic tricks and jumps.

Stunt Scooters for Children

These are very similar to kick scooters, but are often for slightly older children around 6 and over. They have the same design but often have more robust decks for doing tricks and grinds, along with slightly larger wheels and a more sturdy handlebar. Because of this stunt scooters are often slightly more expensive due to the more advanced components. We have a full review of the best stunt scooters here if you want to check it out.

3 Wheel Mini Scooter

These scooters are generally aimed at younger children, and have 2 wheels at the front of the scooter and then just one one the back. This makes the scooter easier to handle than regular kick scooters so are ideal for children up to around 12, although there are plenty of larger tri scooters that are also more robust. With the unique 3 wheel design you can tilt the scooter to ‘surf’ around corners rather than just using the handlebars. This makes this type of scooter very fun to ride and are perfect for kids that don’t like the walk to school!

3 Wheel Slider Scooter

Another unique design with 3 wheels, this scooter has a single wheel at the front and then the deck is split into two, so the rider can put their feet on each half. To propel the scooter, instead of kicking it, you open and close the two halves of the deck to propel you forward! You can get smaller models for children aged 5+ and then larger models for children 8+

Helmets and Protection

It goes without saying that most kids can get in enough trouble on their own two feet, never mind adding a scooter into the mix. As long as you choose a scooter that is suitable for your child you have nothing to worry about, but it is always worth investing in the appropriate safety gear. We recommend a helmet and elbow pads to avoid the inevitable bumps and

Best Scooter for kids aged 3-5

iScoot Pro

This is a 3 wheel scooter ad in our opinion the best on the market – it is far more sturdy than many similar copy-cat scooters which means that is can take a beating without breaking in the first week! While well made the iScoot is still only 2.5 kg and folds away easily making it very convenient to throw in the back of the car without taking up too much space – especially if you have 2 or 3 to carry around with you!

iScoot Pro

The scooter comes with a 3 year warranty in case anything did happen and you can find more details here.

Best Scooter for kids aged 6-8

Vtriker Kids Elite Scooter

This is a unique way of controlling the scooter, which is why we recommend it for slightly older children. While for children 6 to 8 this scooter can actually cope with weights of up to 100 if dad fancies a scoot to the shop this shouldn’t be a problem!

Vtriker Kids Elite Scooter

This scooter has a break on each back wheel like a bike, and folds up for storage and transportation. With it’s cool method of riding this a fantastic gift! You can see the details here.

Best Scooter for kids aged 9/10 and above

Micro Flex Kick Scooter

This scooter is ideal for any children who want to dash around the park or to school and have grown out of their smaller scooters. This scooter is so well made that many adults also choose it for its great design and build quality that can easily support an adult’s weight.

With a composite deck made out of fibreglass and wood, which is designed to absorb any bumps on the road while riding this scooter and allowing for a smooth ride. High quality bearings made for performance along with large polyurethane wheels are also specially made for the older rider.

Micro Flex Kick Scooter