Razor e300 Scooter Review

Razor e300 Scooter Review

Electric scooters for kids? Well the Razor E300 Electric Scooter is also suitable for adults as well as the adolescent teen. The Razor E300 Electric Scooter stands at the pinnacle of all-electric scooters that are produced by Razor.

It’s by far the largest and equipped with a super-sized frame and deck it will accommodate riders of all sizes. Powered by an impressive 250-watt motor that can transport you to speeds of up to 15 mph you can travel around town with style.

You may think because of the size that it will be fairly noisy to ride but thanks to Razor you will find a very quiet chain driven motor, that’s also friendly to the environment.

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter also features a direct start twist grip throttle that gives the rider control over their speed. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries you can enjoy about 40-45 mins of riding time before depletion. A large pair of 25cm pneumatic tyres offers extra stability.

Road Test Results

  • Top Speed: 14.7 mph
  • 75ft Sprint: 7.6 seconds
  • 150ft Sprint: 11.74 seconds
  • Max Range Track: 50% -.- miles, total 5.7miles
  • Max Range Hilly Course: 4.9 miles, 21min 35sec
  • 150ft Downhill Coast: 12.4 seconds
  • 150ft Hill Climb: 26.4 seconds
  • 150ft Grass: 19.9 seconds

Top Speed: The e300 completed the quarter mile in 66 seconds, for a top speed of 14.7 miles per hour. We wouldn’t say that we were hanging on for dear life, but it did feel like we were moving along at a decent pace.

75ft Sprint: It took the e300 an average of 7.6 seconds to go from being stopped to 75ft. The scooter did not reach its peak speed over this distance. We felt the acceleration was enough to make the scooter fun to ride, but not enough to give us a real thrill.

150ft Sprint: Averaging 11.7 seconds at this distance, it was just enough time to allow the e300 to reach top speed.

Maximum Range On Track: The e300 managed 4.6miles on the quarter-mile track before experiencing a noticeable drop in speed. It managed to hold out for a total of 5.7 miles (37min 30 sec), but the last 3/4 mile was at excruciatingly slow speeds, finally going so slow that we were having a hard time keeping the scooter upright, extending the time significantly. We will repeat this test and instead of using complete battery death as the endpoint, we will record the distance at which speed dropped below 50% of max and 25% of max. Results will be noted on the main page when this testing has been completed.

Maximum Range Hilly Course: On our 1.5-mile course, the e300 completed 4.9 miles before dying while climbing the hill, lasting 21min 35sec. Best lap time was 6min 15sec.

150ft Hill Climb: Performance on the hill climb was poor. The e300 needed 26.4 seconds to make the climb. It struggled to start moving on the hill, and then slowly chugged along to the 150ft mark.

150ft Downhill Coast: Coasting back down the hill took an average of only 12.4 seconds. It truly freewheels, with the rear wheel spinning independently of the motor and chain.

150ft Grass: Time to 150ft on grass was 19.9 seconds. The e300 was slowed down considerably by the grass but was able to handle the challenge. It started slowly on the uneven surface but was able to build some momentum before 150ft. Do not expect it to be able to handle a grassy hill.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

  • Speeds up to 15mph
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous use
  • Super quite chain drive motor
  • Battery: two 12V sealed lead acid batteries
  • Extra wide 10” pneumatic tires
  • Max rider weight: 220lbs
  • New twist-grip throttle with variable speed acceleration
  • Weight: Approx. 52 lbs

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Reviews.

When electric scooters for kids were researching the Razor E300 Electric Scooter it achieved some very positive reviews from its existing users. Some of the quotes are “Most successful Christmas present ever bought” and” If it wasn’t for the fact that battery didn’t wear down occasionally, my son would live on it!! “ Others reported how well built the unit is along with great stability and ease of operation.

I have to mention that a few people did mention that it does appear to struggle when encountering inclines which could be down to it being a heavier scooter plus the effect of a heavier rider as well. Worse case it will slow down to a crawl or pop the circuit breaker. Eventually, after around 300 cycles of the battery, you may need to purchase a new one which may be expensive. Probably the most common complaint was with regards to the battery life.

All in all the Razor E300 electric scooter may be the largest and most powerful scooter that Razor produce, but this may be it’s undoing. Yes, it caters for the older and larger riders and can attain speeds of up to 15 mph-but only flat terrain. However, due to the extra weight of the rider and the scooter, it’s self-performance is somewhat reduced. With this in mind if you are light in weight and live in an area with little in the way of hills/slopes then you will be very happy with your purchase, and the positive reviews reflect that. If you are at the other end of the spectrum then I would suggest you consider a different scooter to avoid disappointment.

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