1000w Evo Powerboard Review

Slicing through the jumble of cheap scooters, comes the predominant scope of Evo Powerboards – today we excited to give you our 1000w Evo Powerboard Review. Through best in class design and manufacturing techniques, the new era of Evo Powerboards have taken a technological jump and are loaded with inventive features that make every other brand of scooters seem to be out of date.

1000W 36V Evo Powerboard electric scooter supplied as standard with three 12V 12Ah batteries with removable seat. This EVO brand electric scooter accompanies an intense 1000W engine, and with road tires. It’s also no slacker in the matter of performance either, being fit for up to 42kmh and up to 20km per charge depending upon terrain and load. The seat is adjustable and the scooter easily folds for simplicity of transport and storage. Furthermore, you can even ride your scooter in the night as it comes complete with front and back LED lights.

1000w Evo Powerboard1000w Evo Powerboard Review

Key Features:

  • Evo 1000w Electric Scooter has 42in height, 44in length, 24in width and with 79lbs of weight.
  • It has chain engine drive framework.
  • The scooter is equipped with 1000 Watt Batteries, three 12V/12AH (36V framework).
  • It has the top speed of 28kmh.
  • Its most extreme coverage reach is 10 miles per charge which may change depending upon the weight of the driver.
  • Battery can be charged whenever required. It takes around 4-8 hours to get its battery fully charged.
  • Easy to install quick release seat for high level of comfort.

The other features are: economy mode button for preserving battery life, a post lock folding framework for easy transport or storage, front, and back plate brakes.


  • Its awesome design and simple to use features guarantee to give safe and smooth riding experience.
  • It accompanies LED lights that allow you to ride even in the night or in the low light areas.
  • Evo 1000w Electric Scooter accompanies the battery charger. You don’t have to buy it separately.
  • The easy to install and remove seat feature makes it a perfect investment for community riders.
  • It can load up to 265 lbs. /120 kg of maximum weight. It means you can undoubtedly enjoy the ride without tension regarding your overweight issue.
  • Whether you are young or old, this scooter gives you a chance to have a fabulous time for a few hours with easy mobility.
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  • In the manual, it is said to adjust the brakes according to the rider’s suitability. Yet, a few individuals think that it difficult to adjust the brakes appropriately.
  • The scooter is available at such a modest price, yet at the same time some individuals may think that it is a little costly than other models.
  • Evo 1000w Electric Scooter is not suitable for off-road use.


To summarise our 1000w Evo Powerboard review, this phenomenal battery fuelled scooter offers good value for your money as long as you are acquainted with its upsides and downsides. 1000W Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards is a perfect long distance travel-friendly equipped with a scope of leading features that make other branded electric scooters look old-fashioned.