Our favourite electric scooter accessories!

Our favourite electric scooter accessories!

Our favourite electric scooter accessories are divided into the following categories:

  • Helmets
  • Protection
  • Spare Battery


The Micro Safety Helmet: One of our favourite electric scooter accessories
 The Micro Safety Helmet: One of our favourite electric scooter accessories

Since an electric scooter is an on-road vehicle so it is critical to always wear a protective accessory. This includes a helmet. According to the size of an electric scooter, it will be smaller than most of the other vehicles on the road, but of equal importance as all the other helmets.

Our favourite scooter accessories in this category are:

  • Micro Safety Helmet, Matt, Small
  • SFR Essentials Skate Scooter Helmet
  • Micro Safety Helmet

These helmets are uniquely designed by Micro Scooters to give every the security features you will need. This helmet has Styrofoam padding and a nylon web strap for the best comfy fit. They are made of ABS plastic, which is reliable.

SFR Essentials Skate:Scooter: BMX Helmet
 SFR Essentials Skate:Scooter: BMX Helmet

SFR Essentials Skate/Scooter/BMX Helmet

The SFR Essentials Skate Helmets have been re-designed with two arrangements of internal pads for an exact fit and a lower cut shell for enhanced comfort. Reliable, comfy, and stylish, what else do you need?!


Riding on an open road requires more safety protection other than just wearing a helmet. It should also be a safety necessity to wear a protective pad too. Similar to a helmet, a full-length protection pad worn by riders should be the first point of call.

Our favourite accessory in this category is:

SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set AC760

SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set AC760

The Essentials Triple Pad Set includes elbow pads, wrist guards and knee pads and features soft lining, impact caps, and backing sock for extra comfort. It is perfect for your safety and should always be worn to avoid any casualties on the road. This triple pad set is made for your safety as well as comfort on the road.

Spare Battery

Every electric scooter requires a battery to produce power for the scooter. Battery required depends on the type of electric scooter. It is always best to have an extra battery as a backup.

Our favourite accessory in this category is:

ULTRAMAX 12V 7AH Battery Electric Razor Scooter E300

This 12V 7AH two pair battery is the perfect solution for a spare battery in case you find yourself in a position where your electric scooter’s primary battery becomes empty. ULTRAMAX battery fits many electric scooters.

Check out this video on how to change the battery for your electric scooter:


There are a variety of reasons why an electric scooter is a superb mode of transport. They are light, simple to handle, incredible for small urban areas and affordable to run.

When looking to buy an electric scooter or regardless of the fact that you already own one, it is equally essential to address the scooter accessories you want to buy with it.

Maintaining an electric scooter requires patience. What is frequently overlooked in this procedure is the need to buy the important accessories required to run the scooter and keep the driver safe.

Our list of favourite electric scooter accessories is the beginning of some suggestions that you will need to look at. If you are interested in our favourite stunt scooters or electric scooters for adults or kids make sure to follow the links. It is important to have reliable accessories to ensure your safety and comfort on the road.