Best Petrol Scooters

Best Petrol Scooters

These are the scooters that have been the benchmark for the industry. Their popularity has had some peaks and valleys over the years, but its resurgence in recent years is not surprising. Their versatility and easy handling make it a fun and economical vehicle compared to modern day cars and bus transportation.

With a wide variety of engine models ranging from 50cc up to 250cc, you should be able to find a model that fits your liking. The larger models offer faster speeds with models going over 80 mph, but you do see a small reduction in mpg for petrol mileage compared to smaller engine models.

This great petrol mileage coupled with a variety of designs make petrol scooters a great buy. Designs take on several forms but you can essentially find three types: (1) Classic style or step through frame (2) Sportier styles, and (3) Passenger style.

The classic style tends to have a step-through frame these are great for easy handling and have almost 80 years of riding experience built into their design. The sportier looks take on the look of an Asian motorcycle or motorbike and offer slightly faster speeds and slick designs. The passenger style ones offer greater size to allow for faster speeds and the opportunity to take a passenger.

The main benefits of Petrol Scooters will continue to be the same as for most scooters: they get great petrol mileage, are easy to park and maneuver, and are relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of transportation.

If you’re looking for a scooter that can really move, why not strap a 70cc engine to the back? Even faster than electric scooters, and with off-road varieties to boot. So whether you want to roll around town in style, or hit jumps in the woods here are the best petrol scooters for you to pick from.

Editors Choice:

Uber Scoot 2x 71cc Petrol Scooter Big Wheel Off Road Powerboard

Uber Scoot 2x 71cc Petrol Scooter Big Wheel Off Road Powerboard


  • EPA engine – top-line engine straight from the USA
  • 2-speed drive system – the first in the world
  • Quick release seat
  • CAM link suspension
  • Alloy rims
  • Front and Rear disk breaks
  • Scrub board – protecting the underside from rocks and curbs when riding on uneven surfaces
  • 120kg max weight
  • Made for adults
  • 65 km/h top speed
  • 10-inch terrain tyres

FunBikes Kids Mini Quad Bike 49cc

  • Rear Axle Safety Cover & Strengthening Bar – Steel cover of the rear axle protecting children from the moving parts and giving more handling stability.
  • Higher Grade Wheel Bearings- This gives a much longer life to the bearings and allows the bike to handle the weight of your children as they grow without regular replacement.
  • High-Quality Suspension – Three high-grade shock absorbers giving a smoother ride and weight management. Weight Limit 60kg, over 9st.
  • Longer Wearing Tyres – Higher grade tyres give better grip and reduce the number of changes required.
FunBikes Kids Mini Quad Bike 49cc
  • A powerful 49cc engine is capable of speeds up to 20mph
  • High-Grade Easy Start Engine Pull Cord – The longest lasting quality pull cord available.
  • Chromoly steel frame. The same material used in much higher priced vehicles
  • Safety and Design – Not only CE approved but alsoMIRA tested to UK standards
  • Requires some assembly from someone with some mechanical know-how
  • Is not legal to drive on the road

Funky Bike 110cc Dirt Bike

  • Engine: 110CC Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke
  • Drive System: Manual clutch with chain guard & heavy duty chain
  • Gearbox: 4 Speed (All Down)
  • Ignition: Electronic * Starter: ELECTRIC and kick start
  • Brakes: Front and Rear Hydraulic Wavy Disk brakes
  • Wheels: SDG hubs with powder coated wheel rims (latest models are black)
  • Tyre: 14-inch front, 12 inch rear off-road tyres with aggressive MX tread
Best Petrol Scooters


  • Wheelies in 2nd & 3rd!
  • Manual Clutch – 4 Speed Gearbox
  • Electric & Kick Start
  • Sump Guard, K&N Style Air Filter, Wavy Discs etc…
  • See Before You Buy – Full Parts Back Up!
  • Need to learn how to kick start – but very easy with this model
  • Not road legal
  • We hope this roundup of our favourite petrol scooters has been helpful, if you have any comments or can give your own review on any of these products please comment below!

Petrol Scooters: Why They Are A Great Buy

The secret is out about Petrol scooters. As more and more people test drive and consider the advantages, more and more people are making their next purchase a petrol scooter. Whether they purchase it for as their main commute or as a fun supplement to their car, the scooter has become a wise investment for many people. This is easy to see why when you consider the advantages of owning a motor scooter. This is why our scooter tips begin with reasons to buy a scooter.
1. Petrol Scooters are a value.
They are currently priced between the cost of a bicycle and a motorcycle. This means you can reasonably expect to find a petrol scooter in the price range of $500 to $2,000. With a price range like this, a scooter becomes a bargain when compared to buying a car and paying several thousand dollars for it.
2. Petrol Scooters get great mileage.
The general range of petrol mileage is between 50 to 75 miles per gallon. When you compare this with a car (10 to 25 mpg), you can see a marked difference.
3. Petrol Scooters are safer.
They are much safer than both motorcycles and cars. This is due to a number of factors including their ability to allow the person a full viewing motion. There are no blind spots on a scooter. Also, since you are on a smaller vehicle, you will have a heightened sense of alertness to danger.
This means you will tend to keep both hands on the handlebars to ride and no messing with your makeup, combing your hair, or talking on your cell phone. Ultimately, this translates into less risk of getting distracted or missing a car stopping in front of you. Finally, most scooters are not designed for highway use. Since a large amount of accidents occur on the highways, by keeping off of them, you are sure to reduce your risk of an accident.
4. Petrol scooters are practical.
With the increasing demands of time, people rarely want to spend time waiting for a parking space or sitting in traffic when they could easily move off to the shoulder and drive around a traffic jam or backup.
With a motorized scooter, you can cut your commute time down by the very nature of its smaller size and its ease of manoeuvrability. This helps you zero in on other parking spaces that are too small for big cars or where someone parked over into the other lane and scooters allow you easy movement through smaller spaces where a car could not go.
5. Petrol Scooters are more environmentally sound.
If you are green or just like to support the environment, you will be glad to know that motorized scooters hardly have any pollution emissions.
This means you can set your mind at ease knowing you are leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Just think of all this unnecessary talk of hybrids when people could just as easily switch to petrol scooters at a fraction of the cost of a car.
6. Petrol Scooters are easy to ride.
If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a petrol scooter. People of all ages can quickly learn how to ride them. In fact, one of the fastest growing trends is kids purchasing trick scooters. These smaller scooters show you that anyone can quickly learn the ins and outs of scooter riding.
7. Petrol Scooters provide a fun ride.
The thrill of riding down the road with the wind running against your cheeks and through your hair is an incredible feeling. This coupled with its easy start-up and parking make petrol scooters a fun ride.
At the end of the day, you will find that people buy petrol scooters for the above reasons and many others. With their increasing popularity, features, and designs, it is easy to see why more people are considering buying a scooter.