Best Stunt Scooters

best stunt scooters


What is a stunt scooter?

The main thing that differentiates a stunt scooter from a traditional scooter is the handlebar, the deck and the wheels.

A stunt scooter is like a BMX bike to a road bike – they are designed specifically for high impact jumps and tricks.

  • The handlebar is usually fixed rather than adjustable to stop it flying around or moving as you land a jump.
  • The deck is steel and far more robust than standard scooters, which usually use aluminum or wood & glass fiber. This is to handle high impact from tricks and grinds.
  • Finally, stunt scooters use small wheels designed for short bursts of speed rather than larger wheels on other scooters that are larger and made for a maximum top speed.

Stunt Scooters for Children

Children often want their parents to buy them a stunt scooter – if you are one such parent check out our table as we have made sure to recommend a selection of stunt scooters ideal for younger riders. When your young one starts to ask about going to the skate park or is trying to do tricks in the house this is a good sign to start thinking about getting them a scooter! With the right protective gear (see below for our recommendations!) a stunt scooter is a great way for kids to exercise and let off some steam. If you want to check out the best scooters for kids we have a full list you can check out.

Helmets and Protection

Regardless of your age protection is paramount. From burning up the pavement to cranking out tricks and jumps at the skate park spills happen. At the very least you need a strong helmet and ideally knee/elbow pads as well.

Our recommended helmet is the SFR Essentials Scooter Helmet. For a very reasonable price you can feel the build quality of this helmet in your hands. The size varies from xx- small to x-large and comes in 20 colours, so there will be something to please adults and children alike.

With this you can also pick up the SFR Essentials Triple Pad Set, which comes with Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist guards.

Top 3 Stunt Scooters.

Check out the links below to see the reviews for our top 3 stunt scooters. We have included our favourite scooter for beginners and younger children, teens and intermediates and then experienced riders of all ages. Make sure to click through to the reviews for each for more information.

Best Stunt Scooters:

For Beginners (Aged 5+)

Fox Pro RAW Zest Stunt Scooter

For more experienced riders (Aged 8+)

Urban City Push Kick Scooter

For Tricks

Pro Street Scooter with Boxed Ends Best Freestyle