The Honda EV-Neo Electric Scooter

The Honda EV-Neo Electric Scooter

In April 2010 Honda unveiled their latest creation, the Honda EV-Neo Electric Scooter. It was unveiled at Honda’s HQ in Tokyo, Japan. It has been designed specifically with the Japanese market in mind and is eco-friendly being fully electric.

On each charge the EV runs for eighteen to twenty miles, and using its lithium battery it reaches speeds of up to 20mph / 30 kmph. Although this seems a small distance, the scooter is fully charged again within four hours at a standard plug socket or can be charged up to eighty per cent using a rapid portable charger in approximately twenty minutes.

Honda has stated that this product will be brought into the Japanese market later this year. Hopes are that it will be marketed at Japanese small businesses by December. It is believed that once Honda has conquered Japan with this eco-friendly mode of transport, they will then follow on by launching their electric scooter in China.

It is not expected that Honda will release it immediately in the US or in Europe, as it is only suitable for short journeys.

However it is quite a compact scooter and so is easy to park, therefore it is perfectly suited for couriers and for businesses making deliveries. Another benefit for delivery drivers/couriers is that the scooter has a fully detachable carrying case which sits to the rear or the rider, and the Honda EV-Neo can carry quite a weighty load.

Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of motorbikes, and as well as launching this all-electric scooter Honda is allegedly planning to create a 100cc all-electric powered motorbike with the Asian market in mind.

The EV-Neo Electric Scooter is the very first all-electric scooter which Honda has brought into Japan, but it is thought that this is only the beginning of a new generation of vehicles.

It is ideally suited to Japan due to the congested traffic in the streets of the country, and the scooter is believed to be the ideal vehicle for Japan’s small businesses. This new design of scooter follows on from the Honda Super Cub. One downfall of this product is that it is not suitable for use on hills or on a steep incline as this can have a dramatic impact on the lithium battery.

The Honda EV is equivalent to a standard 50cc scooter, it has a modern, stylish design and has a storage area ideal for storing small packages. The design bears a small resemblance to the C90 motorbike.

A price for this product has not yet been released, but it is believed that the cost of the EV-Neo will be quite similar to a standard petrol-powered scooter, and it is also widely believed that the product will be available both for sale and to lease. The bonus is that because of this vehicle being fully electric, the cost of running it will be extremely low.

The EV-Neo will not cause any air-pollution or any noise pollution as it is almost silent. It has zero fuel emissions and therefore is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

In competition with Honda, it is expected that Yamaha will also launch an electric scooter in 2010. Yamaha originally launched an electric scooter in Japan, however, the lithium batteries had to be recalled.

To alleviate any such problems, Honda has used Toshiba lithium batteries, as they are supposedly more reliable.

So, at last, the stylish Honda EV-Neo Electric Scooter has been revealed. It appears to be the ideal vehicle for the typical Japanese small business. The final proof will be revealed when the product goes on sale…. so watch this space.

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