Devices To Safety Check Your Scooter

Devices To Safety Check Your Scooter

As most scooter owners already know, your scooter runs best if you keep it well maintained. Having some good equipment to monitor it can keep it running at a top level and save you cash in the long run. Here, is our list of some items that will help you check on your scooter’s performance:

1. Scooter Multimeter.

This tool is designed to check the battery’s voltage and drainage. It costs about £20 and is great for giving you a head’s up on the need for a new battery.

2. Scooter Battery Charger.

These work much like the battery charger for a car. The will charge up your scooter battery and get you back on the road. They generally run around £40.

3. Scooter toolkits.

No one should go driving around without a toolkit in their scooter. These are great for tightening up screws and doing a little minor road work when the situation calls for it. These kits tend to have a price range of £15 to £30.

4. Scooter Spark Plug gapper.

This help make sure your spark plug is gapped properly and cost under £5.

5. Tire Gauge.

This are good for making sure tires have the right amount of air pressure. Quality ones can be had for under £100.

6. Handheld Inflator.

These devices are good for providing you with air to pump up tires. They tend to use compressed air in CO 2 cartridges and cost under £25.

7. Rubber Repair Kits.

These are good for filling in holes in tires. They are cheap and easy to operate. They can be purchased for under £5.

8. Degreaser and Engine Cleaner.

This helps remove dirt and grease fast and keeping your engine clean. This item costs under £10.

9. Brake Fluid.

This ensures your brakes function at their top level and can be had for under £10.

10. Motor Oil.

There are ton of different varieties that will help keep your motor running strong. These are all relatively inexpensive as well as they cost under £10.

By using these tools and devices you are sure to keep your scooter running at a top level. They are great for supplementing your usual scooter check-ups and guard against additional damage to your scooter until your next visit.

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