Xootr Mg With Fender Review

Perfect for everyone from kids to adults, the Xootr Mg with Fender lives up to its great reputation as being the smoothest, most energy-efficient, fastest, easiest scooter in the world. One kick and you are gliding for an almost unbelievably long way. Its superior rolling resistance is quite simply second to none.

Xootr Mg With FenderXootr Mg With Fender

Its super low deck, constructed from solid magnesium, is just 3 inches off the ground. So you can comfortably ride all day without suffering from fatigue on the supporting leg.

The rapid transition from riding to walking is a breeze with just a few quick running steps. Then simply depress and remove the pin, fold and adjust handlebars and replace the pin and you can carry this super light scooter around with ease. Redeployment of the Xootr Mg only takes a couple of seconds by simply removing the pin, converting, replacing the pin and adjusting the handlebar height.

When it comes to rough terrain, the Xootr Mg is in a league of its own. The word durability seems to take on a new meaning as it will take a good beating and survive unscathed, time and time again. Potholes, rough sidewalks and streetcar tracks have little impact on wear and tear.

Several years of regular use and many hundreds of miles are possible without having to replace the ultra low resistance, solid polyurethane tires.

Xootr Mg with Fender Features:

  • Deck Construction: Solid Magnesium
  • Wheels: Die-cast Aluminum
  • Tires: Ultra low resistance solid polyurethane
  • Brakes: Front lever/cable/ calliper and Rear Fender with friction pad inside
  • Wheel Diameter with tire: 7.1 inches
  • Wheel Width: 1 inch
  • Length Deployed: 35.4 inches
  • Folded: Length 31.1 inches, Height 9.4 inches and Width 12.6 inches
  • Handlebar height from the deck: Adjustable from 15 inches to 38 inches
  • Deck Size: Width 7.4 inches and Depth 24 inches
  • Deck height from ground: 3 inches
  • Ground clearance: 1.5 inches
  • Scooter weight: 10 lbs
  • Max. rider weight: 250 lbs

Real Buyer Reviews

There are a total of 41 reviews so far for this scooter, with the average score being 4.6. This high score has been as a result of the vast majority of reviewers giving a full five stars. The Xootr Mg has attracted many great comments such as “Worth every penny and more”, “Glides so effortlessly it’s like having a Cadillac with a chauffeur” and “Ten-star product”, to name but a few. One reviewer who had given a low rating even described the scooter as “Perfect”.

One factor that seems to be very consistent throughout many of the reviews, particularly for users who have owned their Xootr Mg for some time, is the scooters durability. One reviewer in particular who travels a lot and has been in the habit of giving away scooters to deserving kids in poor countries commented on how he changed over to the Xootr Mg. After having given away numerous other scooters to kids for years, he had noticed that they were usually broken beyond repair on his return travels. After switching to the Xootr Mg, he would return years later and find children still riding their Xootr Mg’s, with no maintenance required.


The versatility of the Xootr Mg stands out well in reviews, with users commenting on how great this scooter is for both children and adults alike. The Xootr Mg attracts great reviews from a wide variety of different users, including those that use the scooter for fun and for daily commuting. This is a recommended buy.

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