Ultra Pro Kick Scooter Review

Sleek in silver and packed with rugged features, the Ultra Pro Kick Scooter is one scooter that is certainly for the hardcore rider.

Extra reinforced to allow any rider to perform the toughest tricks without worrying about wiping out and destroying their scooter. It is designed with increased stability and performs better for the rider due to a rigid down tube.

The Ultra Pro Kick Scooter also features a double-welded deck and a thicker frame for superior strength. The bearings are upgraded from past models and help to provide a much smoother ride as well.

Ultra Pro Kick Scooter

It also features a lower profile than many scooters for more mobility along with a deck constructed with aircraft grade aluminium. This is the perfect combination of performance and durability for the serious rider.

Available in a very attractive silver colour, the Ultra Pro Kick Scooter can give the serious rider what they need for performing tricks and it can also give the less serious rider a more durable form of transportation. It is perfect for both kids and parents along with providing many of the necessary safety features.

Even though this scooter is specifically made for everyday use and is made to take the punishment it can be perfect for the rider that just needs a sturdy deck in their scooter. It features everything necessary to last for many years and it also features the right type of wheels for a very smooth ride.

Ultra Pro Kick Scooter Features

  • Handlebar Size: 26″ height/18″ width
  • Tested fully for durability and performance
  • Made of Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Rear fender brake system that is patented
  • 98mm urethane wheels for better and stronger performance
  • AVEC-7 bearings with 14-spoke hubs

Real Buyer Reviews

Currently, there are 36 reviews of this scooter and it has earned a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating. This is very high and is due to the large amount of 5-star reviews the Ultra Pro Kick Scooter has received. Many reviewers have stated how much better this scooter is than past models and competing models.

One reviewer is really impressed with the solid landing this scooter provides compared to the other scooters he has used. He also liked that they welded the steering tube to the deck because this provides for a much smoother ride and added comfort.

Overall the reviews are very positive and many are boasting that the Ultra Pro Kick Scooter is one of the most durable on the market. It is necessary to understand that many reviewers are recommending this scooter more for the everyday user than for those just wanting a scooter for fun once in a while.


Since this scooter has been fully tested and it is made from high-quality materials you know it will pass your test as well.

It is one of the more durable choices on the market and the reviewers are all very impressed with how smooth it rides as well. If you are a serious rider and you want a scooter you can perform high air tricks on, then the Ultra Pro Kick Scooter is for you.

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