Madd Gear Team Scooter Review

Attractive and full of top-notch freestyle features, the Madd Gear Team Scooter is made of high-quality materials that will hold up during the most dangerous tricks.

This scooter is made to hold up under nearly any weight, making it perfect for any size child. The new flex brake system provides more safety and the ability for a much better ride.

Madd Gear Team Scooter

With a reinforced allow deck this scooter will provide a solid surface for the rider. It also features reinforced forks, which provide for much more stability and make this scooter quite durable as well.

Unlike many heavier scooters, the Madd Gear Team Scooter manages to provide top durability while only weighing a total of 11 pounds. This means the rider can perform more tricks without getting tired from the heavy weight of the scooter.

The Madd Gear Team Scooter will provide hours of fun for both parents and their kids. It is available in a very sharp white color and it is very safe for the rider as well. If you are looking to master stunts and have fun performing tricks at a local skate park, then this scooter is a good choice.

Providing great value with an affordable price this scooter is manufactured in a way to give you exactly what you are paying for. This may not be the perfect scooter for the professional rider, but for an amateur looking to have fun and learn some new tricks, it is simply perfect.



Madd Gear Team Scooter Features

  • Madd Gear Team Scooter weight: 11 pounds
  • Suitable for riders from eight years upwards
  • New flex brake system
  • 22″ x 18″ welded Chromoly “Y” bar
  • MGP 100mm Aero Alloy Slime Cores
  • Krunk Reinforced forks and Krunk K-1 Bearings
  • Alloy Deck is extruded for extra strength

Real Buyer Reviews

When writing this review the Madd Gear Team Scooter has an average rating of 5 stars. Even though there are not many reviews yet about this new scooter the reviews that are listed are very positive. This scooter has been describing as “a nice scooter with sturdy wheels” and the company is known for responding very fast to any issues you may have.

One reviewer does recommend getting the eagle sports wheels and says these wheels last much longer. The firm was also described by one reviewer as a company that will go above and beyond what most companies will do for their customers.

Overall, the reviews are very positive and it has been stated that this scooter is well-made, fun to use, and easy to put together.


Since this scooter is made by a company that is well-known for producing quality products, it is easy to see why many will be flocking to get the Madd Gear Team Scooter.

This is a high-quality scooter with new technologies making is the perfect choice for anybody in the market for a new and improved scooter. Even if you just plan to ride it around your neighborhood you will be very happy with what this scooter can provide.

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