Where to buy stunt scooter parts

Whatever kind of scooter you have, whether you’re into stunts, tricks, or simply getting around and hanging out, you’re going to need to upgrade, maintain or replace parts.

Stunt Scooter Parts can make your scooter more fun and are also helpful for performing various difficult tricks and stunts. You may want to either upgrade your scooter with new pegs for tricks, or even build your own stunt scooter from the ground up with the best parts.

I this article we’ve broken down the best stunt scooter parts, and where you can buy them – one of our favourite sites for scooter parts is the guys over at Skatehut so make sure to check them out. If you are looking for our recommendations for the best stunt scooter, you can find them here.

Some popular categories of stunt scooter parts are:

  • Handlebar and grips
  • Decks
  • Wheels
  • Pegs

Handlebar and Grips:

Handlebar and grips are vital parts of your stunt scooter, providing more comfort for superior control. They also must be sufficiently firm to grip, so that you can pull all kinds of tricks and stunts.

Two recommended parts in this category are:

  • Slamm Pro Scooter Handlebar
  • Slamm Pro Scooter Bar Grips

Slamm Pro Scooter Handlebars

Cro-Mo steel development with additional support for max strength, Slamm Pro Scooter Handlebar fits most stunt scooters. Slamm graphic is printed on the front which looks cool. Depending on your stunt scooter’s existing clamp size, you may need a new clamp for these bars to fit your scooter.

SlammPro Scooter Bar Grips

Slamm Pro Scooter Bar Grips provide comfortable and enhanced grip to improve control of your stunt scooter. Grips are the most important factor while performing stunts, with a great grip you can perform stunts on your scooter comfortably. Slamm Pro Scooter Bar Grips are made with pure rubber and provide customization for your stunt scooter.


Your deck is the backbone of your scooter, without it you don’t have anything. It must be the most dependable part of your ride so verify you get the one that fits your style of riding the most. A good deck helps you keep your balance and enjoy more freestyle stunts.

A recommended product in this category is:

Blazer Pro Scooter Deck

Blazer Pro Scooter Deck is a trendy deck which is compatible with all brakes and flex bumpers. It supports a curve shell for a smooth look and feel, making this deck incredible for tricks. It is ideal for performing stunts which require great balance of the body.


Inside the scooter wheels have metal ball bearings, one either side of the wheel isolated by a spacer, these bearings are what make your wheels turn around. High quality wheels that aren’t standard can greatly increase your scooter’s performance.

A recommended product in this category is:

Slamm Pro Scooter Nylon Core Wheel and bearings

Slamm Pro Scooter Nylon Core Wheels is an awesome choice for beginner stunt scooter riders. These excellent wheels are formed from a reliable polyurethane composite. Slamm Pro Scooter Nylon Core Wheel and course give smoother ride.


Pegs are for grinds, stalls, and Hang 5’s. Having pegs on your scooter opens up an entire new universe of tricks. Pegs are nice upgrades for your stunt scooter if you like performing unique tricks.

A recommended product in this category is:

Osprey Scooter Stunt Pegs Set And Fixing Bolts

The Osprey Stunt Pegs add an electric flare to your scooter and open up to huge amounts of new scooter tricks for you. The lightweight aluminum stunt pegs are carved with edges which look awesome but give more grip and help keep you straight whilst grinding.

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