Cool Ways To Customize Your Scooter

Cool Ways To Customize Your Scooter

Much like the popular TV show, there are ways you can pimp out your scooter too. These features tend to be stylish, clever and fun. Here, is our list of items that are sure to get people talking about your scooter:

1. Scooter Graphic Stickers.

You can find designs of flaming skulls or howling wolves or even badges of different things like Italian flags, sports teams, popular scooter brands and other things. These stickers are great adding additional personality to your scooter or your helmet. They are can also be had for under £20.

2. Spot Clocks.

These are about the size of a quarter and give you an excellent reading of the time. The fit on your dashboard nicely and work in all weather conditions. Plus, you can even find some that glow in the dark. The regular ones cost about £30 with the glow in the dark versions going up to £50.

3. Scooter stereo system black speakers.

These will let you hear your favorite tunes even at high speeds. In addition, they sync up to the radio or your iPod/mp3 player. The price tag for these is anywhere from £150 to £200.

4. Exhaust Fragrance.

This novelty item is popular at rallies or just plain showing off. They are added to your system and improve the smell of your exhaust. They come in a few smells and are very cheap at £10.

5. Scooter Drink caddie.

This creates a cup holder for your scooter. There are versions that are screw in and some that use suction cups. They are cheap and practical as they run about £10.

6. Heated Grips.

These are grips that attach to your battery and go over your existing grips. They provide you extra warmth on those cold days and nights while driving. They run about £90.

7. Hubcaps.

Stylish hubcaps can be purchased that cost £30 to £50 and provide a little more personality to your scooter.

8. Mudflaps.

There are even stylish mudflaps that perk up a normally drab item and they are pretty cheap with prices ranging from £9 to £15.

9. License plate holders.

Styles and designs of these are endless. They rival car plate holders and are just as inexpensive.

10. Front fender airplane design.

This unique perk allows you to place a cool miniature aeroplane to the front of your scooter give it a look similar to figureheads placed on ships of years past.

11. Spare Tire Covers.

These come in a number of different designs as well. Common ones include bullseyes, country flag colors, and a black and white checker look.

As you can see, there are plenty of items to style your scooter anyway you like. With our help, you are sure to have a scooter that will turn heads and impress the masses.